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History of MoogleLabs


We are a community of friendly, open-minded, collaborative, and professionally growing people in this startup. We conceptualized and discussed establishing a Innovative and energetic environment that can produce quality outputs for our clients looking for consulting, technology, outsourcing, modernization, DevOps, Data Sciences, applied AI, cybersecurity, and next-generation digital services , Thus we thought of MoogleLabs.


This year was a big milestone for us, as we established ourselves in 2020. MoogleLabs was founded by tech-geeks with 15-20 years experience in consulting, technology, outsourcing, modernization, DevOps, Data Sciences, applied AI, cybersecurity, and next-generation digital services.Despite the worldwide pandemic, we grew our team, created a discovery mindset to build research unit and grew together with our product offerings expansion and by mid-year, we tripled in size to really put some muscle behind expanding our features.


It’s early 2022, but we’ve already launched Employee Attrition Prediction Model, Screen Damage detection model and managed cloud infrastructure for a number of clients allowing them a faster go to market time. We are now established as a unit with 40+ team members, currently in exploring mode, working on things not a lot of people do and looking for collaborations as Partnerships for DevOps, Data Analytics, and Blockchain to add in our innovation ecosystem.

Our Value

MoogleLabs serves as a digital partner for your business , delivering customer centric and intelligent experiences that are aesthetically pleasing too.

We’ve built a diverse and inclusive environment with talented pool from all perspectives, cultures, races, backgrounds, religions, genders, abilities, orientations, and ages to help them 10x their lives.

Lone wolves here? Nah! We don't have them; rather, our competitive advantage lies within our capability of pushing the competitive advantage with collaboration, sharing expertise, and drawing another's strengths. We keep our heads high in sync and listen to each other while making our team roar like an unstoppable Lion.

MoogleLabs's adventure works on growth based on both personal and professional front. We believe in widening boundaries both for ourselves and customers. We seek problems as challenges and obstacles as opportunities to learn.

Freedom of initiative and carrying the best motivation level drive continuous improvement of our platform and expedites the customers' success. Let's stretch the boundaries together by being a part of the team.
Mooglelabs value

Our Client’s

They identified us as influencers, and we came up with an intelligent solution to boost their business story.

Our Culture

We don't settle for less! If our MoogleLabs team has the potential to bring out the real-time solution for the businesses, we provide them with much tranquility and ease at the workplace.

We Think. We Care. We Deliver
We Think. We Care. We Deliver

Alone we cannot change the world, but with certain things, we can craft the future and work for business outcomes. We believe in the success of our clients, the accomplishments of our team, and the value we provide for the industry. We follow transparency, compassion, and collaboration.

Speaking Up
Speaking Up

We encourage our team to present their views freely and without any hesitation. Our right attitude fuels up the constructive approach towards our businesses. We have allowed every individual in our team to think and act like an owner. We strive to CREATE a difference.

Being good to each other
Being good to each other

We are open, honest, and sincere not only towards our ideas but while building a team, clients, and communities. We support each other and stay good with each other.

Make A Difference
Make A Difference

We work to touch the space beyond personal and client expectations. We believe in advancing in terms of growth and seek opportunities to get much involved with the team. We stay active and work hard and smart to pull the best to our team.

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