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Intelligence in it`s Newer Forms at MoogleLabs

Tackling business challenges today requires a modern set of capabilities. MoogleLabs AI solutions are structured with vast portfolio of AI services

Explore our AI Capabilities

AI Strategy

AI Technology Consulting

AI Development & Engineering

We Accelerate your Quest

for Intelligent Automation

Evolutionary AI

Discovering new behaviours and objects to deliver solutions.

Conversational AI

Enabling voice-based and interactive services.

Causality AI

Understanding impactful data for business, while going beyond corelation

Deep Learning

Infuse intelligence and human-like capabilities into business functions.

AI Robotics that works

Built on the universal AI, we create a roadmap and deploy AI robotics solutions across your operations.

Fuzzy Logic Approach Implementation

Ensure process stability improvements and throughput increase.

Operationalizing AI

Enable organizations for AI adoption to

Artificial Intelligence solutions can help in achieving success in verticals such as such as email-based communications, accounting automation, AI prototyping & NLP.

With cluster programming and leveraging output responses, the E-commerce industry and CRM systems are already perceiving AI process deployments.

AI development services can be used to manage the influx of customer reviews effectively with AI chatbots.

Operationalizing AI

for Intelligent Automation

AI Systems Engineering

Design intelligent systems for AI organisations

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Factor-based Analysis

  • Marketing Mix Models

  • Bayes Models

  • Support Vector Machines

  • Net Lift Modelling

  • Supervised Principal Components

  • Logistic Regression

  • Time-Series Models

  • Social Networking Models

  • Random Forest

  • Latent Class Cluster Analysis

  • Cross-Sectional Models

  • CART (Classification and Regression Trees)

AI Operations

Build Analytics and AI Infrastructures

AI-ML based apps

Virtual assistants along with voice interfaces

Self-learning chatbot applications

NLP Applications

AI R&D and Empowerment Capabilities

Advanced AI Solutions for research based on

Crowdsourcing & Human Computation

Neuromorphic Computing

Algorithmic game theory

Computational social choice

Assess Your Company’s

AI Maturity Here - 6 AI Maturity Drivers

We have all the right questions for you!


Artificial intelligence solutions can help in achieving success in verticals such as such as email-based communications, accounting automation, AI prototyping & NLP.


How does your organizations acquire the data and it assured access?


How does your organizations get AI expertise and train them?


How does your organizations create AI-driven assets for long-term impact?


How does your organizations scale the use of AI all across the business?


How does your organizations enable the creation and use of AI-powered applications?

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