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How was the Idea Born?

Powered by Moogle team made DevOps deployment automation happen with the AWS, Terraform, and Docker for the best infrastructure introduced to the businesses processes.

Project Calls For The Much-improved Business Metadata

Earlier, companies were trying to save time, cost, and simpler infrastructure of their business workflows. With the help of the deployment of AWS within our solution, we've cut down the time that was needed to build a new application structure by around 99%. Our Moogle team considers the building blocks to bring out the actual intent as we'd drive instantaneous virtual infrastructure with the AWS.


In the Sparkseeker Infrastructure we made two environments

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To set up an infrastructure in AWS account using terraform we included:

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A service in ECS allows to run and maintain a specified number of instances of a task definition.

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An instance of a task definition running on a container instance. The key difference is that task definitions

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A Docker container that is executed as part of a task.

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Security Groups

Created a security group to allow port 80,443 on inbound and created a security group

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FIFO queues

High Throughput, Exactly-Once Processing, and First-In-First-Out Delivery

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AWS CodeBuild

For the build, we needed Docker. We used buildspec.yaml file-for different environments with Dockerfile.

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Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR) is a fully managed Docker container registry

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Cluster: The cluster is a skeleton structure around which we build and operate workloads.


React-Native Build Deployment in Sparkseeker using Terraform


There are two react native CI/CD pipelines for two different environments: dev environment and stage environment. We use GitHub Repositories for the code. The two pipelines named are

  • React_native_dev
  • React_native_stage


  • AWS Account
  • Terraform


Script is made using terraform templates consists of S3 bucket, iam roles and policies, codebuild, codepipeline and buildspec.yaml file.

How our efforts took Centerstage?

We created production-

Grade scalable deployments with GitLab, EC2, ALB, ECS, ECR, VPC, S3, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

We set up professional

Administered development workflows based on GitLab Flow to automate the processes and speed up the deployments.

We made terraform scripts

For the CI/CD pipeline to automate the deployments using GitHub repositories for our code.

We defined Infrastructure as

Code using Terraform to smoothly generate and destroy the environment.

We well-managed and

An AWS account in accordance with best practices to combat the risks.

We deployed infrastructure

With Terraform to match the configuration requirement.

We designed an

Architecture that is scalable, secure, resilient, and facilitates zero-downtime deployments.

We used Multiple

Environment-based infrastructures and made ECS for deployment.

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How will it help your business?

This solution will help automate your software release process while allowing you to rapidly release new features.

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