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Learning standards have got a new hold these days! But the education industry stakeholders' reactions are not aligned with the much-required transition movements. A gap has been built and is continuing to widen with issues such as data protection, outdated certification processes as well as data accessibility and archiving. There was a high need for the solution to bring in a positive technical revolution in the education sector.

Blockchain Development Services

How are we winning with the Mooglelabs solution for Blockchain powered LMS?

We have carved out the solution to learn about the industry's fraud instances and boost the transformation of the education sector. The app has been widely used in different application domains, which include energy preservation, healthcare, e-commerce, social media, etc. The solution has included analyzing and mining certain types of data that include demographics, preferences, social interactions, and much more down the line. This has brought out the best. Such kinds of datasets include sensitive information, and it is majorly focused on risk reduction techniques only. Before, none of them has been successful in ensuring crypto security or user privacy with different techniques used till now. In order to fill the gap, blockchain technology has arrived as the most promising strategy or tactic. This all has been done so that there can be privacy preservation, not just due to security and privacy salient features but also because of resilience, adaptability, fault tolerance, and other reliable characteristics.

What was the extent of our involvement?

Our major role revolved around bringing the raw idea into a scalable solution. We looked over every stage of its process, including designing, development, and inclusion of the blockchain system. It also included audit, Cryptocurrency Development, QA testing of the solution, and Deployment in the stores.


Technology without limits- Delivered at every scale!

  • We created an LMS and did a seamless audit of smart contract-powered course certificates that would be very difficult to imitate even if someone tries to over the internet. This phase includes LMS development, smart contract development, smart contract audit, QA of the solution, and POC creation.
  • Our Mooglelabs team is now involved in the development of cryptocurrencies that would be majorly used by the learners so that they also pay for the course. We are not planning to just stay here, rather we are focusing on the gamification index now where crypto rewards will be used for the motivation of the users for different activities into the app.
Blockchain Service Providers

How will it benefit your Company?

It has been the most scalable solution from the very first day of its launch. It includes the process of selecting the course to the issuance of the smart contract-powered certificates, which we made in semi-real time. 

This solution will help you in defining the strategic product for your business.

There is much down the line! Want to know more and how it applies to your business?

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