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We worked for Maxelit, a software development firm for the project named The Charter Store. The Charter Store wanted to implement the pipeline task (CI/CD) for the DevOps part.

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Our Contribution

Due to the emergence of a number of applications in the market, they needed a faster and guaranteed solution, and majorly a cost-effective one. The solution was necessary as manual build and deployment could delay and create errors. An automated solution was also necessary because of the hurdles in testing the application.

What did we do?

Pipeline Task (CI/ CD) - DevOps Organization - The Charter Store

Build and Release Pipeline

We created Build and Release Pipeline for TEST environment and deployed dotnet app in Azure App Service.

Classic Pipeline

Azure YAML pipeline for PRODUCTION environment.

Tools Required for DevOps Pipeline for DotNet App

Azure DevOps account

Git to restore code from TFVC to Azure Repo

NuGet Installer

NuGet Restore

MS Build

Artifacts Restorer

Azure App Service Connection

Azure Portal account

App Service in Azure Portal

What did we do?

Test Environment –

We created Build and release pipeline and used Windows Latest and with the help of Nuget Version 4.4.1 pacakage manager we restored the code. We used MS Build to build the .net app and Azure App Service Deploy agent to deploy code in Azure App Service.

  • Build Pipeline
  • Release Pipeline

Production Environment -

We created Azure yml pipeline and used Nuget, MS Build to build the code and ARM Deploy agent to deploy code in Azure App Service.

  • YAML Pipeline

Tableau and SQL Database (On – Premises): Migration to Azure Cloud

In our second task, we did the migration to Azure Cloud with our Tableau and SQL database. We created the Tableau server in Azure Cloud and Migrated the SQL database to Azure Cloud.

  • We followed it by assuring that there are no background tasks running before you start the migration (extract refreshes, workbook publishing, etc.).
  • We created Backup files and exported them to our local machine using FileZilla.
  • We used SQL Server Management Studio to generate the scripts and used the import/ export data method.
  • We used Azure Blob Storage to store the backup files and exported data from On-premises to the Azure client’s account.
  • We created SQL Server in MS Azure and imported data to the MS SQL database.

How does it benefit their business?

Provides an easy-to-use

UI for installing and managing Visual Studio/ MS Build packages

Provides the ability to

Packages and restore packages used in a project directly through the MSBuild toolchain.

Most importantly, NuGet

Maintains a reference list of packages used in a project and the ability to restore and update those packages from that list.

Tracking references

And restoring packages.

Helps in managing


With MS Build, it provides an XML schema for a project file that controls how the build platform processes and builds software. We deployed the code in Azure App Service to quickly build, deploy, and scale web apps and APIs on their terms. Our Moogle team worked with .NET, .NET Core, Node.js, Java, Python, or PHP in containers or running on Windows or Linux, and it’s a fully managed service.

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