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Our Mooglelabs developers'-built code for the android applications, PrivTalk and Metz, for the client. But when the need to update and build a new version arose, a manual approach was needed to rebuild and redeploy it.

To get over this manual approach, we worked on the automation of the process through the DevOps process of building the pipeline with tools such as Jenkins.

The tools we prepared could automatically fetch the code from GitHub/GitLab wherever the code stays. It builds it through commands and deploys the desired APK to the play store.

Devops Process

Why did they need a solution?

Due to the increase in applications in the market, they needed a faster and guaranteed solution that was also cost-effective. The solution was necessary as manual build and deployment could delay and create errors. An automated solution was also necessary because of the hurdles in testing the application.

Our Contribution?

We crafted the automation solution. We used the tools Jenkins, Android Studio SDK, Github/Gitlab, Gradle 7.3.3, and Google play store account/ App-center account.

We made the DevOps Solution work through Jenkins. We created a freestyle job in Jenkins and linked our repo to it. Our developer provides the GitLab/GitHub Repos link with the necessary permissions.

Amping Up Tech Stack For Businesses

Amping up Tech Stack for Businesses

They wanted to work on the automation of the business processes, and Mooglelabs performed it through the DevOps process of building the pipeline with tools such as Jenkins.

Let us know what you want to build with Jenkins and our Mooglelabs Experts would love to discuss it. Till then, you can go through a showcase of how Mooglelabs ’ developers and engineers build, deploy, and automate great stuff with Jenkins.

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