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Disrupting E-Learning: Knowledger Empowers Learners with Blockchain

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Redefining Security & Offering a Client-First Approach with

An innovative learning management system containing Revolutionary Course Content Purchase Technology

This Learning Management System (LMS) built on blockchain technology will transform the e-learning landscape by giving learners ownership of their educational journeys.



About the client

Akbar Alm envisioned a platform that empowers learners and educators in the digital age.


Business Requirement

Develop a secure and engaging LMS with NFT ownership for course content and reward systems for learners and instructors.


Preferable Outcome

Revolutionize e-learning by fostering a community of engaged learners who own their education and earn while they learn.

Challanges In Traditional LMS

  • Data Security Breaches
  • Scalability Issues
  • Lack of control over course content for educators

How Does Knowledger Tackle these Challenges

  • Leverages advanced tech stack to create a robust and scalable platform.
  • Integrates wallets for secure and transparent NFT transactions.
  • Introduces "Digital Passes" (NFTs) for purchasing, owning, and trading exclusive course content.
  • Offers user-friendly dashboards for instructors and learners, streamlining course management.
  • Provides real-time progress tracking, interactive quizzes, and discussion forums to enhance the learning experience.
  • Based on scalable infrastructure capable of handling change in traffic and user base.

Key Functionalities 


Teacher Panel 

Manage course creation, review, and publishing. Earn W-tokens for approved content and V-tokens from student completions. 


Student Panel  

Access courses through subject NFTs, complete assessments, and earn V-tokens for rewards and badges. Option to sell earned NFTs.



Purchase and sell goods using NFTs. Participate in auctions and utilize V-tokens for partial payments with the "Parental Support" feature.



Stay updated with STEM-related news and share course experiences in the community section for better engagement and learning experiences.

Deployment and Scalability


CI/CD pipeline using Git/Bitbucket/GitLab, CircleCI/Jenkins, and Docker for automated deployments.


Staging and Production environments with separate S3 buckets and CloudFront distributions.


AWS architecture utilizing EC2 instances, Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, Amazon Elastic File System (EFS), and Amazon Cognito for user management.

Technology Stack 

Development Methodology 


Agile methodology with a Scrum model.


Sprint-based development Process


Regular sprint retrospectives to ensure continuous improvement.

Challenges Overcome: Building a Blockchain-Based LMS

Developing Knowledger, a first-of-its-kind blockchain-based LMS, presented unique challenges. Here are three hurdles we tackled and the solutions we implemented

Our blockchain experts ensured secure and efficient integration with Metamask and Coinbase wallets. We prioritized clear user flows for NFT purchases and transparent transaction tracking.

We leveraged the MERN stack's scalability, along with React Native's efficient rendering for the mobile app. Additionally, we implemented a robust AWS architecture with features like Auto Scaling, ensuring the platform can handle growing user numbers without compromising user experience.

We developed comprehensive user documentation and tutorials within the platform. Additionally, the intuitive design and gamified elements (like V-token rewards) aimed to incentivize user adoption and engagement with the new learning model.


People can earn crypto rewards by browsing and viewing advertisements on the platform, completing surveys, playing games, and minting crypto tokens.


Learner & Instructor Dashboards

Streamlined course management and progress tracking for both learners and instructors.


Blockchain Testnet

To test the dApp before launching it on the mainnet to avoid bugs and issues.



We use Zeppelin tools for security audits on smart contracts, and it helps manage reusable smart contracts efficiently.


Knowledger serves as a prime example of how blockchain technology can revolutionize the education sector.

By integrating Digital Passes (NFTs), Knowledger empowers learners, fosters a sense of ownership, and creates a unique and secure learning environment. This innovative approach positions Knowledger as a leader in the evolving landscape of digital education.


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