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A Step-by-Step Guide on Investing in Metaverse Solutions for High Returns  



29 Nov 2022


Currently, the world of technology is experiencing a boom in the use of Metaverse, but its applications are not the only aspect people should consider. Metaverse solutions offer people new ways to interact, play, and experience the internet. But it is a bigger boon for investors who want to leverage the latest technology to improve their investment portfolio. With the global Metaverse market expected to grow by a CAGR of 47.6% by 2029, investing in technology is essential. 


What is Metaverse?


What is Metaverse


Metaverse is a network of virtual worlds that help people form social connections. It is a virtual world where users can live, work, interact, and shop while staying inside their homes through AR VR apps. In essence, Metaverse is a new way of experiencing the online world and utilizes technologies like AI, ML, VR, AR, Blockchain, and much more.  

Metaverse has several use cases and benefits, making it the ideal choice for investment today. 

People already investing in cryptocurrencies know how Metaverse is growing and the several projects bringing the technology to the mainstream.  


How to Invest in Metaverse Solutions – Top Methods

To invest in Metaverse solutions, augmented reality technology, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, investors can choose one of the following ways: 


Metaverse Games 



The gaming world of Metaverse has been growing exponentially in the past few years. It is primarily due to high-profile projects like Decentraland and The Sandbox. This, in turn, has led to several smaller projects that wish to capitalize on the success of their predecessors. One way to invest in Metaverse is through Metaverse games or the best metaverse NFT projects.  

Metaverse game development services are responsible for gaming platforms based in Metaverse. Additionally, they offer complete immersion for the users. And several of the best metaverse coins are part of these gaming projects, allowing them to work smoothly.   

The rich 3D worlds, avatars representing users, and the platform to help people interact online, make metaverse gaming unique and fun. It offers socialization like never before.  

Also, specific games allow gamers to earn cryptocurrencies through their actions in the game, giving them a platform to monetize their gameplay.  

Here are the top 5 Metaverse Games  

  • Decentraland  
  • Battle Infinity  
  • Axie Infinity  
  • The Sandbox  
  • Gods Unchained 

Investing in Metaverse games is one way to earn from the technology. You can buy stocks of companies dealing with Metaverse games or invest directly by buying assets and properties inside the metaverse. 


Metaverse NFTs 



One popular way to invest in Metaverse Solutions today is through NFTs. Some of the best NFTs that garnered attention last year were parts of metaverse-based projects. The feature that makes Metaverse NFTs so appealing is that you can get ‘true’ ownership of in-game assets when you buy one.  

Another benefit of NFTs in metaverse games is they are easily traded. Several Metaverse games have dedicated in-game NFT marketplace in the ecosystem to facilitate the buying, selling, and trading of in-game items.  

As supply and demand factors cause the rise and fall of NFT prices, investing in NFTs in games is an excellent way to start. As the base of users grows in the game, the NFTs will become scarcer and hence more valuable.  

Many Metaverse games also allow users to buy virtual land in the game, again structured as NFTs. 


Metaverse Crypto 



Another method of investing in Metaverse is through metaverse crypto. In essence, Metaverse crypto refers to cryptocurrencies native to Metaverse-based projects. These tokens are used in various tasks, like transactions, staking, and governance.   

Here are the details of the three applications of Metaverse tokens: 

Transactions in the virtual world: Users can use Metaverse’s native tokens to purchase from the in-world marketplace.   

Staking: Crypto staking refers to locking up tokens for a specific period. Several Metaverse platforms have a dedicated staking mechanism to help users generate yield on the current holdings while benefitting from the broader ecosystem. It helps improve the platform’s security level.  

Governance: Several Metaverse projects have the organizational structure of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) services. It means that token holders have a say in how the platform functions. Here, several crypto-based DAO projects have provisions to let token holders vote on governance proposals, and the ones that receive the majority of votes will get implemented.  

Metaverse crypto games are also available, where people play to earn, depending on how much the player achieves on the platform.  

It is not an exhaustive list, as crypto has several other applications, and depending on the platform, its functions can increase and decrease.


Metaverse Real Estate 


Metaverse Real Estate


Metaverse real estate is among the most exciting factors of the industry and offers a unique renting and ownership experience. People who want to invest in Metaverse real estate can buy plots of virtual land on Metaverse of their choice.  

Decentraland is one project that offers 90,000 plots of 16mX16m land that users can purchase through MANA (Decentraland’s native token) or Ethereum. The purchased land is structured as an NFT.  

In Metaverse, the virtual world mimics the real world. Hence, some plots of land are more valuable than others due to location. For example, in Decentraland, the LAND near ‘Genesis Plaza’ was valued at $13,000 in 2021.  

Investors like to invest in virtual real estate because it offers several benefits. For one, the land owners can benefit from the appreciation in land value as the project’s popularity improves, but it also generates returns through renting.  

The renting system in the Metaverse is also similar to the real world. The landowners can rent the land to others for a fee. In specific games, the advertisers can rent a part of the virtual land to advertise their products.   

It is necessary to make smart decisions while buying land, whether inside a game or in the real world. If done right, it can become a source of passive income and exceptional returns in the future.  


Metaverse Stocks 

The final and, indeed, the easiest method for investing in Metaverse is through stocks. Several metaverse development services companies' stocks are available for people to invest in, allowing people still wary of the crypto market to invest in the technology through the equity market.   

The metaverse stocks do not offer direct benefit from the growth of a specific platform, but it does offer returns on Metaverse's overall development.  Find companies that are investing in Metaverse mobile apps and invest in them. You can also diversify your portfolio here, allowing you to gain from multiple platforms.   

Moreover, you can invest in Metaverse Development Company that offers such services to reap the benefits of Metaverse's success.  

Investing in metaverse stock is an excellent way of gaining indirect exposure to some Metaverse projects and direct exposure to the industry's growth. Also, it allows beginners access to the metaverse investment. 


Is It a Good Idea to Invest in Metaverse Solutions?  

Metaverse is an excellent concept and will likely become a significant part of web 3.0 solutions. So, businesses are utilizing Metaverse app development to give users newer experiences, get more engagement, and make more sales. Specific platforms and companies are focusing on adding metaverse elements to their operations for better user engagement, which makes metaverse potential truly limitless. 

Also, all the predictions show a positive trend in the Metaverse industry, meaning the enterprises will grow with time. While all the indications and research till now show a positive trend, Metaverse is still unpredictable. Technology changes, and currently, it is changing quickly. Innovation is at an all-time high, and the future is still being determined.  

Having said that, investing in Metaverse solutions from an investment perspective makes a lot of sense. For one, bigger brands like Meta, Nike, and several others are investing in technology today.   

But do not go in blindfolded. Specific companies and AR and VR mobile applications have a higher chance of success than others. So, assess your risks and potential before making investments. 


How to Pick Metaverse Investments? 

There are several aspects to consider while finding the best Metaverse Investments.  

Firstly, decide on the type of investment you want to make. Stocks, NFTs, Metaverse Land, what appeals to you? Then, you can start the process of investing.  


Find Hot Assets  

Once you have found the type of investment you are comfortable with, it is time to invest in the right section. Here, find assets with potential. Figure out the hot assets, undervalued stocks, and others where you can invest.  


Do Look for Passive Income  

The land in Metaverse is an excellent choice for passive income. Any regular passive income will make you earn returns faster. So, it does stand to reason to invest in Metaverse LAND and other passive income sources of Metaverse for serious investors.  


Utilize Social Media  

As Metaverse technology is relatively new, using social media as a source of information is ideal. There are excellent forums dedicated to Metaverse projects. Also, social media like Twitter and Reddit can provide real-time updates on various projects, allowing vital information to develop over time.  


Always Review the Roadmap/Whitepaper  

To find the best Metaverse projects, take the time to read the whitepaper and roadmap. It will help you see the project’s longevity and provide insights into what to expect in the future. 


How to Invest in Metaverse For Good Returns?  

Rent the Metaverse Property: Rent your Metaverse property for others to use. It will help you get a passive income.  

Sell Event Tickets: Create an event in the Metaverse and charge tickets for entry. It will allow you to earn per sale.  

Adverts on Virtual Billboards: Businesses want to be where their consumers are. So, if your buyers are generally in the Metaverse, put advertisements on billboards in the virtual world. It will allow you to find the perfect tool to get sales.  

Shops on Rent: eCommerce is one industry already using Metaverse to sell its products online. So, create and rent a shop in the Metaverse to eCommerce sites for passive income.  

Renting Office Space: Rent your Metaverse space to MNCs that want to work remotely.   


The four steps to buying real estate in the Metaverse  

The land in Metaverse is sold as NFT to the users. So, to purchase land in the Metaverse, you must:  

  1. Set up A Crypto Wallet  
  2. Link Wallet to Crypto Network of Your choice  
  3. Buy Coins  
  4. Link Wallet to Metaverse and make purchases  


Final Thoughts

Invest in Metaverse Solutions Today, all investors, beginners and skilled, must invest in Metaverse to gain benefits. It is an industry that is gaining traction and users.  

And businesses that are looking to improve their function and get more clientele through the use of Metaverse must hire Metaverse solutions companies to leverage the technology.  


Metaverse Development Services - MoogleLabs



Question 1: How do I invest in the Metaverse?  

There are several ways to invest in Metaverse. You can buy stocks in companies that work with the technology, like creating Metaverse mobile apps. Or you can invest in Metaverse NFTs, Real Estate, Games, Crypto, etc. 

Question 2: What is the best metaverse project to invest in?  

Two of the most commonly known Metaverse projects to invest in today are Decentraland and Roblox. 

Question 3: What is the best Metaverse platform to invest in?  

MeetingVR, Decentraland, and Bramble are among the best Metaverse platforms to invest. However, there is no one answer to the question. It will change as time changes, and you must pursue appropriate research for the best decisions. 

Question 4: Is Metaverse a good investment?  

Given the rise in VR and AR-based applications and products, investing in Metaverse today is a good choice. 

Question 5: How to invest in metaverse land? 

To invest in the Metaverse Land, you need to set up a crypto wallet and use the coins of the platform's choice to make the purchase. It will cost real money for the virtual land, and it will be given to you in the form of NFT, allowing higher privacy and better control.  

Question 6: What companies investing in Metaverse?  

The biggest companies investing in Metaverse today are Facebook and Microsoft. At the same time, specific elements that are part of the Metaverse are already helping other industries change their operations for the better. 

Question 7: Is metaverse AR or VR?  

In Metaverse, you can experience both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, but it is not limited to the two technologies. It only depends on the provisions of the platform and the equipment you have for the job. In our latest product, a metaverse-based virtual office, you can use the computer to interact with others through headphones, chat, and cameras.


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