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MoogleLabs is Recognized by Techreviewer as a Top AI Development Company in 2022



21 Jul 2022


MoogleLabs has been named one of the top AI companies by Techreviewer.co. The list of leaders is compiled based on professional knowledge, experience, service quality and reliability of the development companies. For evaluation purposes, Techreviewer collected information about our services and customer reviews. Their research put us into the list of more than 500 competitors.

Techreviewer conducts annual research and regularly updates the list of market leaders. The analyst's findings are helpful to those who are looking for service providers for complex technical tasks. 

MoogleLabs is known to be headquartered in Canada, Mississauga. The company started its work 2 years ago - in 2020, and now specializes in machine learning, blockchain, DevOps, and data science.

MoogleLabs is a reliable service provider that offers advanced Artificial Intelligence services and solutions, DevOps expertise, Data analytics consultancy, and other IT solutions for companies in any industry. The company has deep practical knowledge in various fields, which can help customers solve their business problems as quickly as possible while maintaining high quality and high efficiency.


About TechReviewer.co

Techreviewer.co is an independent IT market research and analysis company. The platform helps to find the best companies that provide high-quality IT services for technical support, development, system integration, AI, Big Data, and business analysis. After objective market analysis, the Techreviewer identifies the most successful and reliable IT companies and give the highest evaluations to each service category. Techreviewer's ranking list can help organizations choose technology partners that suit their business needs.




Shelly Singla

21 Jul 2022

I am a Digital Marketing Project Lead currently working with MoogleLabs, a leading AI ML Development Company. I am passionate about providing businesses with top-notch marketing solutions that help them reach a wider audience and increase their customer base. I create magic with the right blend of strategies and execute them in a seamless manner.

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