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10 Preferred Programming Languages for Blockchain Solutions in 2023



16 Dec 2022


Blockchain is a multi-billion-dollar industry that has taken the world by storm. It is the tool that is changing the way several industries operate—one of the biggest industries that it has transformed in the financial world due to its features. Now, several IT firms are offering blockchain solutions for businesses that want to leverage the technology to benefit their business.   


The Rising Potential of Blockchain Solutions 

Blockchain has the potential to transform the economy through changes in every industry, including healthcare, education, travel, and legal domain.  

Between 2017 and 2020, enterprise Blockchain solutions and services demand increased by almost 2000 percent. The exponential growth made is one of the most highly-valued technologies. Moreover, the Blockchain market net worth is only expected to rise in the coming years.  

The massive role of Blockchain in Web 3.0 also makes it a critical technology for businesses.   


What is Blockchain Technology? 

Blockchain technology contains an advanced database mechanism that facilitates transparent information sharing inside a business network.   

As the name suggests, a Blockchain database keeps the data in blocks linked through a chain.   

There are overlapping data in each connected block, making it impossible to change, hack, or cheat the technology. Moreover, the data is encrypted with cryptography to ensure user privacy and immutable data.   

Also, it follows the decentralized storage method to remove the sole decision maker or owner. Therefore, all decisions are made with the consensus of participating network nodes spread globally. 


5 Features of Blockchain Technology 

Now that you understand Blockchain technology, here are some of the primary features of the tech.  

  • An Increase in the Overall Capacity  
  • A Massive Improvement in Security  
  • Immutability   
  • Faster Transactions & Settlements  
  • A Completely Decentralized System  

Blockchain technology's unique features make it the preferred method of conducting transactions and businesses. Already, many industries are finding ways to use technology to benefit their operations and customers. 


The Importance of Choosing the Right Programming Languages for Blockchain Services Company 

The rise in demand for blockchain solutions has made it a competitive domain for many in the field. Blockchain developers must know the best languages for development to keep a fighting chance in the competition.   

This post discusses the most relevant Blockchain programming languages developers will use in 2023. 


Top 10 Programming Languages for Blockchain Services 

The best programming language for blockchain 2022 for Blockchain Services: 


1. Solidity  



Solidity takes inspiration from several other languages, including JavaScript, C++, and Powershell. It is the brainchild of Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. Developers who want to create dApps or ICO development games must invest time in learning the language.  


Top 3 Features of Solidity  

  • Developer-friendly  
  • Highly Accurate  
  • Provides Accessibility to JavaScript Infrastructures, debuggers, and several other tools  



  • Offers object-oriented programming attributes in contracts  
  • Easier to Learn for people who know JavaScript and C++  
  • Provisions for a secure and reliable development process   



  • It does not support all transactional operations like the stock market  
  • There are security flaws  
  • Developers need to check the return value manually  


What is Solidity Best For?  

Solidity is among the most stable and used blockchain programming languages that developers globally recommend. It is ideal for constructing and designing smart contracts on the Blockchain platforms of choice. Moreover, Solidity is the Ethereum blockchain programming language. 


2. JAVA 



JAVA – the official language of Android mobile app development and the ideal choice for backend development. It is also among the best blockchain programming languages. Deriving from C-syntax, this language for blockchain can create sophisticated smart contracts and dApps.  


Top 3 Features of JAVA  

  • Ample support for Object-Oriented Programming  
  • Easy memory cleaning  
  • Abundant libraries Availability  



  • Simple to use  
  • Secure   
  • Platform-independent  



  • No backup facility  
  • Paid commercial license  
  • Poor GUI  


What is JAVA Best For?  

So, is JAVA good for blockchain? JAVA is already being used in several blockchain projects, including NEM, IOTA, and more. It has provisions for all types of blockchain projects you want to pursue. 


3. Python  



Python is a dynamic and open-source language that is ideal for beginners. Moreover, it supports object-oriented programming, which is essential for companies developing blockchain. Use the language to create small prototypes using the available resources and plugins.  


Best Features of Python  

  • GUI programming Support  
  • Easy to Write  
  • Open Source  
  • Huge library  



  • This leads to an improvement in productivity  
  • Easy to learn and understand  
  • Already available libraries and frameworks  



  • It is not ideal for mobile devices  
  • It does have runtime errors  
  • Inefficient memory consumption  


What is Python Best For?  

Python is a versatile and speedy language, so it lets developers make a simple blockchain in less than 50 code lines. It is also being used in contracts in NEO and a new social media platform called Steemit. Lastly, it is also ideal for Internet of Things applications. 


4. C++  



C++ is the old but gold language of computer programming that is also equipped for blockchain solutions. Introduced in 1985 by Bjarne Stroustrup, it contains Object Oriented Programming methodology. Moreover, it is the bitcoin programming language.  


Best Features of C++  

  • Extensive Library  
  • 3-Way Comparisons  
  • Uses compile-time polymorphism to enhance performance  



  • High Speed  
  • Independence  
  • Compatibility  



  • Lack of features for garbage collection  
  • Code redundancy  
  • Complex code  


What is C++ Best For?  

Blockchain programming with C++ is ideal for projects like bitcoin. It is the programming language cryptocurrencies use. Hence, it is the perfect language for businesses that want to create bespoke blockchain solutions. 


5. C#  




C# (C Sharp) is the creation of Microsoft, and it is an open-source language. Currently, anywhere between 5 to 6 million developers globally are using the language. It has a slower growth rate than some other blockchain languages, but it is still a relevant product due to its various applications.  


Best Features of C#  

  • An extremely rich library class  
  • Memory loss issue has been eradicated  
  • It comes with an assembly concept, making version control easier  



  • Faster development time  
  • Gentle learning curve  
  • A considerable community available for support  



  • It needs compilation with every change 
  • Is not the best in performance  
  • It relies heavily on .NET to work  

What is C# Best For?  

C# language has found usage in several Blockchain projects, including Stratis, NEO, and IOTA.   


6. PHP  



PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, is the creation of Danish-Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. And it still enjoys regular updates. As an open-source and platform-independent language, developers can use the operating system of their choice to create the product of their choice.  


Best Features of PHP  

  • An extensive library for developers  
  • Open-source platform  
  • Available on all operating systems  



  • Readily available for installation and utilization  
  • A simple and straightforward language that needs less time to learn  
  • It contains built-in database connection modules, which reduce time.  



  • Changes in the core function and methodologies are not possible  
  • Run time errors can occur frequently  
  • It is challenging to manage as some of its features mimic the JAVA language.  


What is PHP Best For?  

PHP is a popular language that many web application developers recommend for blockchain development.   


7. SQL (Structured Query Language)  



SQL is among the top blockchain solutions programming languages that many blockchain developers will consider in 2023. Designed by IBM, the language facilitates communication with databases like  SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.   


Best Features of SQL  

  • It is a secure and effective language for enterprise blockchain solutions.  
  • It offers rich transactional support  
  • Highly flexible and scalable   



  • Facilitates faster query processing  
  • It is a standardized language that offers uniform platforms worldwide.  
  • An incredibly portable language for programs on PCs, laptops, servers, etc.  



  • A highly complex interface  
  • Some versions of the language are costly.  
  • Only partial controls are available to the users.  


What is SQL Best For?  

It is the perfect language for Blockchain development at an enterprise scale due to its high scalability and flexibility. 


8. JavaScript 



JavaScript is an exceptional tool for blockchain programming as it offers developers several benefits through its frameworks, like the Node.js framework.   


Best Features of JavaScript 

  • Providers easier and earlier entry to the market  
  • Has provisions for scalability  
  • It consists of multiple Blockchain JavaScript frameworks. 



  • It is an inherently fast language.  
  • It boasts interoperability 
  • The simplicity of use makes building and testing straightforward. 



  • Less strict on rules and conventions 
  • Lacks in client-side security 
  • Browser inconsistency 


What is SQL Best For? 

It is ideal if you want to build with speed and deploy the product instantaneously.   


9.  Ruby  




Ruby is a programming language developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto in Japan. It has excellent memory allocation capabilities. Developers can frame custom blockchain programming with the help of third-party APIs and plugins while using Ruby.  


Best Features of Solidity  

  • Enables higher productivity  
  • Supports cross-platform development  
  • Simplistic in Nature  



  • Multi-Paradigm language  
  • Rail framework has a strong developer community  
  • Provisions for installation in Windows and PIOX  



  • It can cause some run-time errors  
  • Lower flexibility makes it less popular among developers  
  • Comparatively low processing speed  


What is Ruby Best For?  

Ruby is excellent for blockchain technology solutions like money transfer, data encryption, data decryption, data mining, and much more 


10. Go  



Go, also referred to as Golang, is a statically typed blockchain programming language. It is among the preferred languages for blockchain development because it offers exceptional features to developers.   


Best Features of Go  

  • Developer-friendly  
  • Easy-to-use  
  • Rapid and non-rigid  



  • High run-time efficiency  
  • Smoother web application development  
  • Special garbage collection feature  



  • The repair function is long and tedious if error tracking is lost  
  • It is a comparatively newer language, so libraries are challenging to access  
  • Has fewer packages for developers  


What is Go Best For?  

Golang is the ideal choice for programming for scalable servers and more extensive software systems. It is the tool that rectifies some of the issues Google faced while working with C++ and JAVA. 




1. What programming language do blockchain developers use?  

Blockchain developers can use a variety of programming languages, including Solidity, JAVA, JavaScript, Python, C++, C#, and several more.  


2. Which language is better for blockchain?  

Solidity is the best language for blockchain solutions. But the true answer will depend on your individual requirements. Some languages are better for IoT-based blockchain projects, while others are ideal for Blockchain development.  


3. What language is Bitcoin Blockchain written in?  

The Bitcoin blockchain is coded in C++. 


4. Should I know JavaScript for Blockchain, or can I use Python for Blockchain?  

Both JavaScript and Python facilitate blockchain development. However, depending on your requirements for the project, you need to choose the more suitable option. 


5. What Blockchains use C++?  

Some blockchains that use C++ language are Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, Monero, and Stellar. 


Final Thoughts – Bring Your Blockchain Solutions to Life with MoogleLabs 

Several languages are available for use when it comes to blockchain development. Therefore, developers and companies find it challenging to reach a consensus on what language to use for the project. But there is no one answer. Depending on what you are creating, the best language will differ.    

Hence, deciding the best programming language for Blockchain solutions requires the assistance of experts. At MoogleLabs, we understand your needs, find the perfect resolutions, and determine the best blockchain languages for the job. 

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16 Dec 2022

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