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From Transactions to Transformation: Rethinking Customer Relationships in the Age of AI



27 May 2024


Imagine a customer who never sleeps, tirelessly analyzes data and places orders with laser precision. That's the reality of the ever-growing phenomenon: machine customers. From self-driving cars autonomously refueling to factory robots initiating automatic parts replacements, machine learning services are transforming the business landscape.  

This shift presents both exciting opportunities and unique challenges.   

In this post, we will focus on the evolution of machine customers, explore how to adapt your strategy for the age of AI services and unlock the secrets to building trust and fostering successful interactions.  


What are Machine Customers?  

Machine customers, also known as "custobots" are the future of purchase. These AI-powered tools will make purchases based on pre-defined rules and will become the preferred way of shopping for several businesses. Additionally, they will predict future requirements and make purchasing decisions autonomously.  

An example of machine customers is an inventory management system that places automatic orders. These are becoming realities in front of our eyes. As per a report by Gartner, 20% or more of total revenue will come from machine customers by 2030.   

While such applications of machine learning development services are exciting in more than one way, they do come with their own set of challenges.   


Evolution of Machine Learning Services and Machine Customers  

Artificial intelligence and machine learning services are becoming prevalent today. Only a few years ago, these were technologies of distant future. In the beginning, machine learning services were focused on specific applications, like translations, finding patterns, and other such activities. However, in only a few years, facial recognition, speech recognition, and other advanced applications of machine learning have become common features on the phone.  

One of the latest applications of machine learning that is currently getting all the attention from businesses are machine customers. It is an excellent tool to help businesses manage their inventory and automate the process of purchasing without much hassle. The increase in sophistication of AI and machine learning services is what makes these tools extremely relevant in today's world.  


Some Examples of Machine Customers in Action  

Machine customers are not a thing of the future; they are already here. However, not everyone has adopted the technology, so it has not expanded as much in the world. Some household devices are already autonomously purchasing items, and here are some examples of them.  

  • Some printers can detect when they are going to run out of ink and order the toner cartridge independently. HP Instant Ink service does this.  
  • Specific household electronics, including toothbrush washing machines and dishwashers, can order detergent or new parts as per needs.   
  • Companies are also working on self-repairing vehicles that can book appointments for repairs and services.  

Now, businesses can use AI/ML services to automate the process of purchase, so that human error never causes them to lose productivity.   


Machine Learning Services: The Future of Machine Customers   

Machine customers are still a new phenomenon, but there are some anticipations related to the evolution of the technology that is going to happen in three phases, as per Gartner:  


  • Current State  

Today, machine customers make purchases based on preset rules, where the person gives orders, and the system executes commands.  


  • 2026  

Soon, machine customers are expected to choose from several competing products autonomously. The software would be responsible for carrying out the task, and the decision would be shared.  


  • A Decade Later (2036)  

It is expected that within a decade, machine learning services will give rise to completely autonomous shoppers.   

The change would mean that businesses will need to work in two-folds. One, they should consider leveraging the technology to automate their purchasing decisions. Additionally, these businesses generally sell something. Therefore, they need to change their marketing strategy to become the ideal place to buy for machine customers.  


Evolve Your Corporate Strategy and Business Model to Account for Machine Customers  

Now, businesses that are leveraging machine learning services will benefit from the introduction of machine customers in their systems. It is another method of automating processes with the bonus of enormous information processing capacity.   

Now, machine customers are not like traditional customer relationships. Hence, businesses would need to create a balance in specific situations.   

Businesses must adapt both their processes as well as the marketing side to cater to the ML solutions like automated buying process and data-driven interactions for a successful future.  


Here are some ways machine customers will impact Businesses:  

  • It will push companies to innovate their product design and business models.  
  • Introducing machine customers will also accelerate the evolution of customer experience and support.   
  • Companies will need to invest in data analysis services to meet the needs of machine customers better.  
  • New ethical and legal considerations will come into play with the rise of machine customers.   


ML Solution – The Challenges Associated with Machine Customers  

The introduction of AI solutions like machine customers does come with its own challenges that businesses must address. Some of the foreseeable concerns include:  

  • Machine customers rely on data, so privacy concerns will become rampant.  
  • Early adopters and initial transition would be highly challenging for all parties.   
  • Transparency concerns will also arise as buying decisions have various factors in play.  

Generally, businesses have providers they trust and have a long-term relationship with. As purchasing becomes more unemotional, these will go away. While in the short run, it might be beneficial, businesses still rely on word-of-mouth, favors, and partnerships to sustain themselves in times of need. The introduction of such systems can hinder such partnerships.  


Leveraging Machine Learning Services to Create Machine Customers   

Whether you want to offer machine customers as a service or want to create machine customers for your business, you will need machine learning service providers at your disposal to make that a reality. You can utilize the best machine learning development company to assist you in the endeavor and create solutions that make managing your business that much easier.   


Machine customers are software responsible for buying goods and services in exchange for payments, automating the process of buying. These are responsible for automating the process of purchasing products for people and businesses.

Some examples of machine customers include virtual personal assistants, connected cars, Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled factory equipment, and smart appliances. Printers that order ink when they are short on supply, and cars that schedule services based on performance are some examples of machine customers.

Machine customers can evaluate their own performance, predict requirements based on usage, and autonomously make purchasing choices. Created using ML development services, these tools are responsible for making purchases based on pre-defined rules set by the users. It includes ordering refills or parts to the preferred address.

Gurpreet Singh

27 May 2024

Gurpreet Singh has 11+ years of experience as a Blockchain Technology expert and is the current Vertical head of the blockchain department at MoogleLabs, contributing to the blockchain community as both a developer and a writer. His work shows his keen interest in the banking system and the potential of blockchain in the finance world and other industries.

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