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About the Client

We were contacted by a Content Management Services Giant, who works with several big EdTech companies like Coursera, Udemy, etc., to create the ultimate course, along with the final assessment test for Data Science experts.

Business Requirement

Our client needed course and assessment content to determine the overall capabilities and expertise of the working professionals in the field of data collection and exploration.

Preferable Outcome

A complete learning course blueprint, corresponding one hundred well-written Questions, and TLOs that check not just the memory but also the ability to apply, analyze, and create per Bloom’s Taxonomy through accumulated knowledge.

Devops Process

Overview of the Project

Our client is a content management services giant who offers services to companies that provide online courses. In this requirement, they wanted to create complete course content along with the final questionnaire to the help of subject matter experts in data collection and exploration. As the test will primarily focus on applicability skills, only 20 out of the 100 questions test the test taker's memory. The rest will focus on the candidate's ability to apply, analyze, and create using their knowledge.

Our Solution

Course Work & Question Framing

Then, we first worked on creating course content for every topic. Afterward, the focus shifted to creating 10-question batches. These were either objective or multiple-choice questions that were sent for review. In the case of MCQs, every potential answer was accompanied by appropriate reasoning.

We also accessed Bloom's taxonomy Level of each question to get a clear picture of the statement's applicability.

Afterward, every topic and every 10-batch set were sent for review with external collaborators to determine their validity.

During this process, we also received questions and course work from other collaborators that we assessed thoroughly.

The process aimed to weed out irrelevant questions and make appropriate suggestions on relevant areas that could improve with a few changes.

Create a Blueprint

To begin the process, we created a course blueprint with topics and questions per topic based on data collection and exploration. It was the base of the course that would determine the questions within the course.

Delivery of The Complete Course & Final 100-questions Test

After completing the project, we sent the finalized course and questionnaire to the client for re-assessment before finalizing it.

Our Contribution

In the project, we were responsible for creating the course content and questionnaire from scratch. It meant that we started on the project by creating a blueprint, making a workflow, and then started the content work.

During the process, we were also responsible for offering suggestions to other collaborators working on the same project and drafting relevant questions.

Steps We Followed


Problem 1

Need for an Extensive Literature Survey to avoid plagiarism

The biggest problem while drafting the course and questionnaire was creating a unique question set that consisted of queries that analyzed the candidate's capabilities while ensuring that there was no unintended plagiarism.


To ensure completely one-of-a-kind content and questions on the paper, the experts at MoogleLabs did an extensive literature survey of available material.

Problem 2

The drafting of Analyze and Apply questions

One of the significant challenges of the project included creating questions that would assess the candidate's ability to analyze and apply the acquired knowledge to create real-world solutions.


To create engaging and insightful questions, we studied the adjoining concepts to develop problems that required varied information and a grasp on how to implement the data to gain desired results.

The Final Result

At the end of the project, we successfully created a valid, succinct, reliable, and interesting 100-questions test along with complete course content that could test the experts in the field. The questionnaire had 20 questions for testing memories, and the remaining 80 questions focused on assessing the user's analysis and application capabilities.

Additionally, we collaborated with an external team, taking and giving suggestions on creating better questions for appropriate assessment.z

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