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About the Project

Hashing Ad Space: Reimagine Advertising with Blockchain Rewards

Hashing Ad Space disrupts traditional advertising by offering a win-win situation. Users earn cryptocurrency for everyday online activities like viewing ads and playing games, while advertisers gain targeted reach and engagement. This innovative platform leverages blockchain technology to ensure secure and automated transactions, creating a transparent and rewarding experience for all.



About the client

Hassan Bawab from Magic Logix wanted to create a place where users could choose what they wanted to watch, earn from browsing, and still benefit the advertisers.



They reached out to us for complete redesign of the entire website with a modern and user-friendly UI, for integration of secure payment methods and automated reward distribution


Preferable Outcome

Creation of a platform that incentivizes users for online activities. The aim of the project is to deliver a fully redesigned Hashing Ad Space website with enhanced UI/UX and automated payments. 

Challenges of Traditional Browsing Systems

Traditional web browsing often presents a frustrating experience for both users and advertisers


User Pain Points

Intrusive ads disrupt user experience, & privacy concerns arise from unclear data practices. Moreover, traditional reward programs can be cumbersome and lack transparency.


Advertiser Challenges

Targeting the right audience can be difficult, & measuring campaign effectiveness is often inexact. Additionally, fraudulent clicks & ad-blocking software can hinder campaign reach.

Hashing Ad Space tackles these challenges head-on by leveraging blockchain technology


User Empowerment

Users regain control. They choose to engage with ads and are transparently rewarded with cryptocurrency for their time.


Advertiser Advantage

Blockchain ensures targeted ad delivery and verifiable campaign results. By incentivizing user engagement, Hashing Ad Space fosters genuine interactions with advertisements.

Hashing Ad Space: Key Functionalities

Hashing Ad Space boasts two key functionalities that cater to both users & advertisers

For Users

Earn Crypto Rewards

Users are incentivized to engage in everyday online activities. Viewing ads, completing surveys, and playing games translate into cryptocurrency earnings.

Seamless Transactions

The Waves Keeper wallet integration enables automated and secure transactions, ensuring users receive their rewards efficiently.


For Advertisers

Targeted Reach

Blockchain facilitates precise ad targeting, allowing advertisers to connect with their desired audience.

Measurable Results

Verifiable campaign data provides advertisers with clear insights into campaign effectiveness.

Challenges Overcome During Hashing Ad Space Development

Challenge 1

Integrating Blockchain Technology Seamlessly (Integrating complex technology like blockchain into the existing website structure could lead to compatibility issues and a clunky user experience)


MoogleLabs development team opted for a modular approach. They built the blockchain functionalities as separate components, ensuring smooth integration with the redesigned website and maintaining a user-friendly interface.

Challenge 2

Encouraging User Adoption of Crypto Wallets (Not everyone is familiar with crypto wallets. A reliance on the Waves Keeper wallet could potentially limit user base growth).


The team prioritized user education. They incorporated clear tutorials and FAQs within the platform to guide users on setting up and utilizing the Waves Keeper wallet. Additionally, the platform could be designed to allow users to choose between the Waves Keeper wallet and other popular options in the future.

Challenge 3

Ensuring Platform Security (Security is paramount when dealing with cryptocurrency transactions).


MoogleLabs leveraged the inherent security features of blockchain technology. Waves blockchain offers robust security protocols, and the development team implemented additional security measures on the platform to safeguard user data and transactions. Regular security audits would also be crucial to maintain a secure environment.

Using Hashing Ad Space

People can earn crypto rewards by browsing and viewing advertisements on the platform, completing surveys, playing games, and minting crypto tokens.


Hashing Ad Space: Tech Stack 

Sell Ad Space: Registered users can sell advertising space they create to others

Targeted Advertising

Advertisers can purchase ad placements to reach specific audiences. These placements can include

Insufficient Resources For Adoption

Displaying ads

Insufficient Resources For Adoption

Showcasing surveys

Insufficient Resources For Adoption

Promoting websites

Insufficient Resources For Adoption

Featuring games

Insufficient Resources For Adoption

Open to All

Anyone can participate in the system by doing the following activities 

  • Watching ads
  • Completing surveys
  • Playing games

User Management

The product is made while keeping the functionality in mind 

  • Users have a personal admin panel to manage profiles and potentially manage advertisements. 
  • A super admin oversees the platform with access to user data and automates the reward payment process. 

The Result

Hashing Ad Space stands as a prime example of how blockchain technology can disrupt traditional advertising models. By creating a platform that incentivizes users and empowers advertisers, Hashing Ad Space paves the way for a more rewarding and transparent online experience for all.

Empowering Users with Hashing Ad Space

Hashing Ad Space is a completely new way of browsing for users, and a revolutionary way to advertise for organizations. This solution is allowing the ads to reach a more relevant audience, while incentivizing users with rewards for an activity they do every day anyways.


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