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Transformers- From Basics to Implementation


Deliver Human Interaction Experience without the labor cost  

Vaibhav Kumar's (Machine Learning Engineer) webinar focuses on Transformers in Machine Learning. This technology can potentially change how businesses operate and take customer satisfaction to new heights.  

Transformers: From Basics to Implementation addresses the technical aspects of the technology and then moves to the real-world application.   

AI and ML services primarily focus on delegating the more repetitive tasks to the machines. For example, one use of Transformer Architecture is to create chatbots. These chatbots can help users with repetitive errors, reducing a company's overall tickets. Moreover, it can help segregate the customers based on their concerns for better customer service in the end.  

This is only one application of the juggernaut that is Transformers. So, you can tune in to the webinar to find more relevant information about the technology and how it can help your business flourish in these times.  


Discussion Topics:  

  • The Transformer Architecture: Encoder and Decoder  
  • Concept of Attention and Self Attention  
  • The Transformer Applications  

Whether you are looking for a way to improve your business operations with Machine Learning or want to meet other like-minded people, the webinar will deliver it all.  

So, let's have a virtual coffee while we discuss Transformer architecture, the nitty-gritty details, and finally, the several applications that can help businesses.  

Watch the YouTube Video of the complete session, and leave your queries in the comment section. We would love to help you find new and improved solutions to help your business stay relevant in the world of Machine Learning. 

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About the Author


Vaibhav Kumar

Machine Learning Engineer

As a Data Science enthusiast with a nag for creativity and data, I have joined the MoogleLabs family as an ML Engineer. My five years of experience filled with innovation, conceptualization, visualization, and technology evaluation have helped me specialize in the field. My goal in life is to create inventions that make the world a better place for people..