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Metaverse Games: Future of Virtual Reality Gaming



28 Apr 2023


Gaming is one entertainment section that incorporates the use of the latest technologies faster. Hence, Virtual Reality and metaverse games were a truth well before the mainstream use of the two technologies in other industries. However, all industries are still in the infant stage of leveraging new technologies for their benefit. And the gaming industry can definitely start using the new VR and metaverse provisions to give their users a more immersive experience.  

But then, why is there such hype around VR and metaverse games? Will it eradicate the current gaming altogether? And what more can we expect from these technologies? Keep reading to know!  


What is Metaverse?  



Metaverse is a shared online community capable of bringing from all walks of life together and providing them with a platform to engage, interact, and participate. Today, businesses are leveraging other robust technologies like 3D reconstructions, AI, Blockchain, and more to make their metaverse more immersive and powerful.  

As metaverse does complement other technologies like IoT, gaming, and 3D visualization, it can offer a brand-new experience to every user.  

Also, it is possible to create metaverse mobile apps. So availing Metaverse app development services can help a business find new ways to interact with their customers. 

Also, businesses are investing in Metaverse solutions for high returns as it offers a much more engaging platform for the users. 


What is VR?  


Virtual reality is the computer-created simulation of 3D images or environments that users can interact with in an almost real or physical way using specific electronic equipment, like a helmet with a screen, body suits or gloves fitted with sensors, and more. 


A history lesson into gaming improvements  

Gaming is an ever-evolving community that uses new technology to impact the world. Gaming is also among the most profitable entertainment industries today.  

Humans have always been interested in games. Even children instinctively want to play, compete, and enjoy. However, before the invention of video games, people used to enjoy board games or playing open.  


The First Video Game 

Dr. Edward Uhler Condon unveiled the first game machine at the New York World's Fair in 1940. In the game, the player competed with the machine in an ancient mathematical game of Nim.   


Gaming for Commercial Use  

And it took three more decades to get a prototype of the game system that was designed for commercial home use. Created by Ralph Baer in 1967, 'Brown Box' was a programmable device that players could use to play a range of games like checkers, ping pong, and more.  

And even though they created an exceptional product, sales were slim.  


Sega and Taito – Making Large-scale Gaming Community  

Sega and Taito's marketing was a step above the rest, and they piqued the public interest in video games, including arcade gaming. As these games made users compete, aim for higher scores, and take the spot at the top of the list, they encouraged users to stay and play.  


Multiplayer Gaming  

Till now, users have been competing on the same screen. Then, in 1973, PLATO Network System created and released a multiplayer turn-based game that let up to eight players compete at the same time.  


Home Gaming  

Gaming consoles came into play shortly after the release of commercial center gaming. Home gaming and arcade gaming exploded, and that led to more development in the gaming community.  


Games for Personal Computers  

The technological advancement of personal computers gave rise to games for new gadgets. It allowed for the expansion of the gaming community, especially once computers became common household items.  


Internet – Another boon for the gaming industry  

The LAN network technology opened up the opportunity for multiplayer gaming. Then, the gaming consoles also started using the internet to allow several players to game together from the comfort of their homes.  


The Modern Gaming System  

And now, we are experiencing another milestone in the gaming industry, and that is the inclusion of Metaverse, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality to make the experience more visually appealing and immersive. The fact that games are also available on mobile phones today allows more companies to compete in the market and create video games that deliver engagement and enjoyment.  


Metaverse and Gaming Industry 

Metaverse has a huge role to play in how the gaming industry is changing. Some of the best metaverse platforms are made for gaming while imbibed with the latest technologies and provisions to use innovative devices to enable a more immersive experience. The multi-sensory immersion of Metaverse makes the gaming experience more captivating for the gamers. 


What technologies are playing a role in helping the gaming metaverse grow?  

Recent metaverse advancements have encouraged video game developers to adapt relevant game formats. They are using cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and AI to create immersive games. Here are some of the essential tools that they are using for metaverse gaming.  


VR and AR Systems 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two technologies that are driving the creation of the metaverse. They offer a more immersive experience to the users and ensure a thrilling 3D experience.  

AR uses visual components to bring imagination to the real environment. And as it works with cell phones and other digital devices, users have the best experience wherever they go.  


Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain  

Decentralized metaverses are becoming a reality thanks to blockchain services. The metaverse has features that users digitally define ownership, transfer value, collect digital assets, and more. Additionally, as cryptocurrencies have value in real-world currency, they can offer a platform to transact business in the metaverse. Today, blockchain metaverse games are the norm. 


Internet-of-Things (IoT) Networking  

The use of IoT allows the metaverse to extract information from the real world and use it to create a better experience for the users. It facilitates the linking of various physical gadgets, giving provisions for behavior adaptation in response to environmental factors, including temperature and humidity.  


3D model reconstruction  

3D was a fairly familiar technology for some time. However, 3D reconstruction frequency increased severalfold, especially during the pandemic.   

Today, several businesses, including real estate, use virtual tours to give prospective buyers an immersive experience without leaving the house.   

Metaverse if using 3D to enhance the user experience of existing technologies.  


Metaverse Game Development – The Right Programming Language to Use  

There are abundant metaverse languages for programming that you can use. From Solidity to Python, C++, and several more, metaverse development programming languages should depend on your needs. And as far as Metaverse game development goes, opt for JavaScript. It is the best choice for the job.   


Current Top 3 VR-based Metaverse Games to Play 

There are quite a few metaverse games that players can enjoy using the VR headset. Here are our picks for the best metaverse games that you can play today. 





Decentraland is among the metaverse development projects with a virtual destination that consists of digital assets that users can buy and sell on the blockchain. Players can interact with each other using the technology. Additionally, gamers can use the platform to earn money as they can buy and sell lands, estate, avatar wearables, and more in the Decentraland marketplace. This virtual world also supports VR technology, facilitating a unique experience for the users. 


Axie Infinity 



Axie Infinity, It is an online video game based on non-fungible tokens famous for its in-game economy. The players need to collect and mint NFTs called Axies. Then, they have the option to breed and battle these creatures in the game. Additionally, they can trade Axies on the marketplace.  

The infinite adventure in the game, along with the epic power-ups, will definitely keep the users hooked at all times. It is a fun, nostalgic, and charming game that will keep you hooked for a long time.   





Sandbox, launched in 2012, is a user-generated platform where the players will own whatever thy create through blockchain and smart contracts. The players are represented through block-like customizable avatars.  

Sandbox has three main aspects, including VoxEdit, which is a 3D modeling tool where the users can make avatars, plants, animals, vehicles, tools, and other such objects. Then, you can transfer the product to the marketplace, and you can sell the items. Lastly, it has a Game Maker, where users can create 3D games without the code. 

If you decide to play any of these, it will take some time to understand metaverse games. But it is a fun journey with rewards at the end. 


Final Thoughts: Metaverse Games Are the Future!  

In the future, the interwebs will give preference to content creators. And the world of Metaverse games will allow gamers a gateway to this economy. Currently, there are several games that are already making the rounds among gamers, but it is only the start. In some time, we will experience an expansion of the Metaverse games, and people at the forefront of this transition will definitely benefit from it.  



Businesses that want to utilize the latest technology to improve their business prospects can get in touch with MoogleLabs. We are happy to help you find innovative solutions to use the latest technology for your benefit. 




Is VR gaming part of the metaverse?  

Virtual Reality is a new technology that people can access through a range of platforms, including Oculus, Quest, SteamVR, and more. So, it is correct to say that VR gaming is among the features of the metaverse. Yes, there are several other elements in the metaverse solutions that users can experience.  


What is the future of virtual reality gaming?  

Virtual Reality gaming is only expected to increase with time. We will experience a boon in the number of virtual reality games available around the world. Furthermore, it is only the beginning of how far technology goes. There is still a lot more that VR is going to offer, and we have to wait for the gaming giants to roll in with their latest inventions to experience it.  


What is the future of metaverse gaming?  

Metaverse gaming is likely to become more nuanced and expand in some time. The metaverse will allow users to collaborate, invite their friends, trade via blockchain, and much more. Additionally, as the metaverse offers interoperability, gamers will have permission to move the virtual goods between spaces with no alterations.  


How to develop metaverse software?  

If you want to create your metaverse software, you will need experts with skills for software development and UX/UI development. As metaverse developers, you must develop your skills, creating new projects and crypto wallet solutions that help improve skills and help you remember the basic logic behind every command.  


What programming language is metaverse?  

For AR and VR-based applications, JavaScript is the preferred programming language. Though, there are several other languages that can be used for metaverse development, including C#, C++, Python, and more.


Minkle Kalra

28 Apr 2023

Sincere & Enthusiastic! Proficient in marketing research and statistical analysis. Admiringly creative with thoughts about the latest advancements. Dwelling in the tech world with my glasses. You can generally find me either understanding or playing with the latest technology.

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