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Basics and Application of Tableau


Tableau is a Business Intelligence tool already used by several companies. Businesses that want to improve their operations and others who wish to understand the technology before deciding if investing in it is helpful must register for this short one-hour session.  

In essence, Tableau is a proprietary technology with the primary function of making interactive data visualization to understand the information better.  

Mohit Kaura (Data Science Expert) at MoogleLabs is hosting a webinar on the topic of Tableau that will cover the basics and take a plunge into the various real-life applications of technology. The applications and the current use cases will help you understand the multiple benefits of the technology and ways your business can implement the same to improve your functions.  


Topics that will be covered in the webinar-  

Here is the list of topics that Gurpreet Singh will address in the webinar:  

  • Tableau for day-to-day analytics  
  • How an excel user can use Tableau easily  
  • Tableau basics and user interface  
  • Playing with data using Tableau (data handling and pre-processing)  
  • Tableau Calculated Fields  
  • Joins, Union, Data Blending, and Relationships in Tableau  
  • Server Deployment of Tableau Workbooks  

Take the time to learn about Tableau and its various applications. You will find the session extremely useful as a business owner, a data expert, or a new technology enthusiast.  

Watch the YouTube Video of the complete session, and leave your queries in the comment section. We would love to help you find new and improved solutions to help your business stay relevant in the world of Data Analytics. 


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About the Author


Mohit Kaura

Data Science Expert

As a Data Science enthusiast with a nag for creativity and data, I have joined the MoogleLabs family as an ML Engineer. My five years of experience filled with innovation, conceptualization, visualization, and technology evaluation have helped me specialize in the field. My goal in life is to create inventions that make the world a better place for people...