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DevOps: Age of CI/CD


Streamlining Your Development and Operations Team Made Simpler!!  

Gaurav Raturi’s (DevOps Engineer) webinar will address CI/CD pipelines in DevOps. This technology can potentially improve business operations several folds with minimal effort.  

DevOps: The age of CI/CD webinar will first provide details about CI/CD pipelines, including a complete introduction, importance, and implementation in the real world. Then, we will discuss the various tools we are already using to implement CI/CD.   

DevOps services aim to bring about a cultural change in the organization to help the two departments, Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops), to work in unison and avoid delays. The technology allows the two teams to collaborate seamlessly, leading to fewer errors and more productivity. Incorporating DevOps cultural and infrastructural changes in an organization can significantly improve business performance.  

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) is only one application of the juggernaut known as DevOps. Tune in for the webinar to learn more about DevOps, CI/CD, and how this technology can help your business grow today.  

Discussion Topics:    

  • CI/CD Pipelines  
  • CI/CD Importance  
  • Timeline of CI/CD over the Years  
  • Business Implementations of CI/CD  
  • Tools Which we are Using to Implement CI/CD  


Business owners who want to improve their operations with DevOps and people in the industry wanting to meet other like-minded colleagues and experts in the department should watch the webinar.    

You can also book a session of virtual coffee with us to discuss CI/CD in deep detail and its various applications for your business.   

We would love to help you find new and improved solutions to help your business stay relevant in the world of DevOps.   

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About the Author


Gaurav Raturi

DevOps Engineer

Gaurav Raturi has hands-on experience in clouds like Microsoft, Azure, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, IAC, mobile application deployment, and many other technologies in DevOps..