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Demystifying Quantum Computing: A Beginner's Guide to the Basics


Exponential Potential to Solve the Mysteries of the Real World is Possible through Quantum Computing.  

MoogleLabs' Latest Webinar: 'Quantum Computing' - Touching the basics!, is being presented by Mr. Soamya Chaudhury (Data Scientist) at MoogleLabs and will deal with the topic of Quantum Computing in detail.  

Quantum Computing is the more advanced version that deals with data that general computers cannot.   

Quantum Computing is the new and improved version of computers that solves problems that are too complicated for general computers through the laws of quantum mechanics. The quantum theory explains the nature and behavior of real-world elements like light and energy at an atomic and sub-atomic level.  

Quantum Computing is still a new concept that only big corporations use today. However, the number of features and functions will make it an essential tool for all businesses.   

In this webinar, the host will discuss Quantum Computing, from basics to a small demo.    

Live Webinar: 'Quantum Computing' - Touching the basics!


Discussion Topics:  

  • Classical world - the world as we perceive!  
  • Quantum realm - what the world actually is like...  
  • What is Quantum? Basics...  
  • Why Quantum?  
  • Classical vs. Quantum  
  • Qubit - the fundamental unit of Q-Computing  
  • Superposition - its basics  
  • Quantum Entanglement  
  • Quantum Superposition  
  • A small DEMO as to why we need Quantum Computers.  

Watch the live session recording on YouTube Video and leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section below.   

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About the Author


Saomya Chaudhury

ML Engineer

I am a Science enthusiast who loves creativity and crazy about data. I have joined as an ML engineer in the MoogleLabs family. My primary focus is on innovation, conceptualization, visualization and technology evolution. I specialise in critical thinking and easier mathematical modelling of concepts. My ultimate goal is to serve the scientific society, contribute to the advancement of the technological curve and make this world a little better place to live in!.